E. Glen Weyl

Founder and Chairman of RadicalxChange

Vitalik Buterin

Founder of Ethereum, RadicalxChange Board

Audrey Tang

Digital Minister of Taiwan, RadicalxChange Board

Danielle Allen

Political Philosopher at Harvard, RadicalxChange Board

Fred Turner

Professor of Communication at Stanford University

Marina Silva

Rede Sustentabilidade

Monique Evelle

Creator of Desabafo Social

Santiago Siri

Founder of Democracy Earth

Margaret Levi

Political Science at Stanford University, Director of CASBS

Jody Medich

Co-Founder & CEO of Superhuman-X, Singularity U

Renato Cymbalista

Architect and City Planner, Prof. (FAU-USP)

Paula Berman

Project Theory Lead of Democracy Earth

Matt Prewitt

President of RadicalxChange

Juliana Oliveira Domingues

Prof. (FDRP/USP)

Michelle Rempel Garner

Shadow Minister for Innovation and Industry for the Canadian Conservative Party

Michael Albert

Founder of Z Magazine

Beatriz Helena Ramos

Founder of dada.art

Judy Mam

Founder and CMO of dada.art

Rori Knudtson

Director of Infinite Seed and School of Critical Engagement

Hans Bouwknegt

Digital Strategist at UNSense

Nick Couldry

London School Of Economics and Political Science

Ulises Ali Mejias

State University Of New York at Oswego

Nicole Immorlica

State University Of New York at Oswego

Charlotte Cavaille

Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the University of Michigan

Suji Yan

Founder of Dimension.im

Kobbi Nissim

Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University

Katrina Ligett

Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mei-chun Lee

PhD candidate in Anthropology

Adam Zaretsky

Wet-Lab Art Practitioner

Alice Barbe

Co-Founder of SINGA

Alisha Holland

Associate Professor of Government at Harvard University

Amy X. Zhang

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Washington

Aroussiak Gabrielian

Co-Founder of Foreground Design Agency

Carla Gannis


Carla Maldonado


Charlotte Kent

Assistant Professor of Visual Culture at Montclair State University

Colin Mayer

Professor of Management Studies at University of Oxford

Fanny Lakoubay

Head of Communications at RadicalxChange

Giovanni di Lauro

Software Developer and Math Student

Griff Green

Co-Founder of The Commons Stack

Jessica Langley / Ben Kinsley

Janks Archive

Katherine Benton-Cohen

Professor of History at Georgetown University

Katherine Guinness

Assistant Professor of Arts at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Liam Young

Speculative Architect and Director, Co-Founder of Tomorrows Thoughts Today and Unknown Fields

Marielle Gross

Hecht-Levi Fellow

Mark Lutter

Founder of the Charter Cities Institute

Matteo Tambussi

Audiowallet, uFarm

Michelle Meagher

Co-Founder of the Inclusive Competition Forum

Nathan Schneider

Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder

Primavera De Filippi

Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

Robert Miller

Director of Product Management and Strategy at ConsenSys Health

Ruth Catlow

Artistic Director of Furtherfield

Shumi Bose

Teacher, Curator and Editor

Simon de la Rouviere

Blockchain Community Leader

Winslow Porter

Director, Producer and Creative Technologist

Avital Balwit

Studying Political and Social Thought & Cognitive Science at UVA

Jennifer Morone

Independent Artist & CEO of RadicalxChange

Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Artist and the Founder of New Eelam

Annika Kuhlmann


Cassie Thornton


Max Haiven

Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice at Lakehead University

Tomislav Medak

PhD researcher at Coventry University’s Centre for Postdigital Cultures

Andrew Kortina

Co-Founder of fin.com and venmo.com

Nam Patel


Rob Cheung

Software Engineer at Substack

Maïmonatou Mar

Co-Founder of Gribouilli

Marco Bonomo

Professor of Economics at Insper

Paul Healy

Policy Advisor at the RadicalxChange

Lan Cao

Professor of International Economic Law at Chapman University

Colin Megill

CEO of pol.is

Joeri Torfs

Operational Director of the Quality of Life World Foundation

Holly Herndon


Mathew Dryhurst


Tony Lai

Founder of the Blockchain Group at Stanford's Center for Legal Informatics

Shiv Malik

Co-Founder of the Intergenerational Foundation Think Tank

Angela Benton

Founder and CEO of Streamlytics

Joshua Tan

Doctoral Student in Computer Science at Oxford

Crystal Good


Shani Orgad

Professor of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Karthik Iyer

CEO at BlockchainMonk, Ambassador at P2P-Foundation

Pim Ampe

Mental Health and Welfare Profressional

Keller Easterling

Architect, Writer and Professor at Yale

Steve Omohundro

Chief Scientist of AIBrain

Puja Ohlhaver

Inventor and Founder of ClearPath Surgical

Mathias Dufour

Founder of #Leplusimportant

Sarah Friend

Artist and Software Engineer

Marc Garrett

Co-Founder of Furtherfield

Thibault Schrepel

Assistant Professor in European Economic Law at Utrecht University

Joel Rogers

Professor of Law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Peter Lu

Independent Game Designer and Artist

Christophe Gauthier

Co-Founder at Guildeur: the 1st Worker Tech

Martha Chen

Co-Founder, International Coordinator Emeritus and Senior Advisor, WIEGO

Christopher Roth

Artist, Film Director and TV Producer

Kevin Owocki

Founder of Gitcoin.co

Francisco H. G. Ferreira

Amartya Sen Professor of Inequality Studies at the London School of Economics

Nick Vincent

PhD student in Technology and Social Behavior

Hanlin Li

PhD student in Technology and Social Behavior

Yakov Feygin

Future of Capitalism at the Berggruen Institute

Andrea Butelmann

Butelmann Consultores

Eduardo Gaban

Brazilian Institute for Competition and Innovation

Andreas Fauler

Software Engineer at arago

Max Kuck

Community-tech at deora.earth

Imam Omar Suleiman

Founder of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Erik Rind

CEO of ImagineBC

Joe Lambke

Founder of Animate Architecture Firm

Wei-Li King

Community Organizer

Victor Zscharnt

Co-Founder of deora.earth

Elsa James

Conceptual Artist, Producer and Activist

Anouk Ruhaak


Ioana Marinescu

Assistant Professor at UPenn's School of Social Policy & Practice

Bill Warren

Co-Founder of Peeps Democracy

Supriyo Roy

UX Leader at Amazon Alexa

Nina-Luisa Siedler

Partner at DWF

Mario Brandenburg

Member of the German Bundestag

Magali Eben

Lecturer in Competition Law at the University of Glasgow

Vince Kuraitis

Founder of Better Health Technologie

Agatha Bacelar

Field Operations at Curative

John Surico

Journalist and Urban Planning Researcher

Alex Gladstein

Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum

Anna Blender

Strategy at CafeMedia

Zarinah Agnew

Research Scientist at Irrational Labs

James Felton Keith

President of The Data Union and an editor of the Anthem Press Ethics of Personal Data Collection

Jaron Lanier

Microsoft Office of the Chief Technology Officer Prime Unifying Scientist

Tom Rossman


Jonathan Herzog

Democratic congressional candidate in New York's 10th District

Jake Interrante

MPP candidate at University of Chicago

Russell Cui

PhD Student in Political Science at University of Rochester

Divya Siddarth

Fellow at Microsoft Research India

Shoukei Matsumoto

Buddhist Monk in Komyoji Temple

Amichai Lau-Lavie

Founding Spiritual Leader of Lab/Shul NYC, Creator of Storahtelling, Inc.

Lourenço Bustani


Christian Liensberger

Technical Leader at Microsoft

Sonal Shah

Executive Director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation at Georgetown University

Natalia Olson-Urtecho

COO of RadicalxChange

Jessica Lynch

Founding partner at Generation Titan

Ahmed H. Ahmed

Director, Partnership & Professional Learning at Overcoming Racism

Jermaine Johnson

Manager and Producer at 3 Arts Entertainment

Jasmin Baier

International and Development Economist

Antonio Dominguez Palomar

Curious Student and RadicalxChange Purdue Leader

Connor O'Day

Business Development at Gitcoin

Juan Ortiz Freuler

PhD candidate in Communication at the University of Southern California

Osama Rizvi

Economic /Geopolitical Analyst & Founder of U&I Global

Elena Landau

Economist and Lawyer

Ben Henderson

Director of Operations and Cabinet Affairs for Governor Polis

Micah Sifry

Founder of Civic Hall

Michelle Kobayashi

Senior Vice President for Innovation for Polco/National Research Center

Anton Korinek

Professor of Economics at Univeristy of Virgina

Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University

Emmanuel Midy

Community Lead of RadicalxChange

Geanluca Lorenzon

Secretary for Economic Monitoring of Brazil

Lenara Verle

Artist and Researcher

Brianna Agyemang

Co-Founder of #TheShowMustBePaused & The Brownie Agency

Raymond Yeh

Software Engineer at Government Technology Agency (Singapore)

Leon Erichsen

Entrepreneurship and Technology Associate at RadicalxChange

Mohammad Najmuzzaman

Senior Product Manager at Wadhwani Foundation

Yuqing Hu

PhD Candidate in Psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Badrun Khan

Candidate for Congress in New York's 14th District

Blair Walsingham

Congressional Candidate for U.S. House TN District-1

Darren Sands

National Politics Reporter

Pia Mancini

Co-Founder of Open Collective, Chair of DemocracyEarth Foundation

Victòria Alsina

Industry Assistant Professor at the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress

Nick Mastronardi

CEO of Polco and National Research Center

Ann Lee

CEO of CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort)

Steven McKie

Managing Partner of Amentum Capital

Kaliya Young

Expert in Self-Sovereign Identity and Identity on the Blockchain

Jonathan Stray

Research Fellow at the Partnership on AI

B Cavello

Program Lead at the Partnership on AI

Katya Klinova

Leader of AI, Labor, and the Economy Research Programs at the Partnership on AI

Gilad Woltsovich

Musician, Entrepreneur, and Local Municipality Board Member

Bill Aal

Head of Tools for Change

Duan Li

Head of the Blockchain Economic Research Center of Sichuan Quality Development Institute

Rhys Lindmark

Writer and Podcaster

Jason Smythe

Co-Founder of Wildcards

Vinicius Dias

Lawyer and Researcher

Vivian Chen

Community Advocate at Bitmark

Hai-Ching Chang

Marketing at Bitmark

Yahsin Huang

Marketing Manager at Diode

Cristina Pérez Claeys

Master’s Student in Comparative Law and Legal Theory

Minako Kojima

CEO of Andoromeda

Haitao Long

Business Consultant from Pundun Intelligent Venture

Fatimah Kari

Lecturer at University of Malaya

Eric Tramel

Federated Learning R&D Lead at OWKIN

Diana Rodríguez Franco

Secretary for Women in Bogotá, Colombia

Amanda Brink

Organizing Empowerment Project

Esme Piechoczek

Sustainable Development Student at the University of Sussex

Brent Hecht

Leader of the People, Space and Algorithms (PSA) Research Group at Northwestern University

Carlotta Gradin

Vice President of Advocacy for UN Women France

João Manoel Pinho de Mello

Banco Central do Brasil Deputy Governor for Licensing and Resolution

Seth Frey

Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of California, Davis

Jeremy Helm


Jack Henderson

Consultant for Implementing Quadratic Finance

Jonjon Clark

Co-Founder of wildcards.world

Nestor Bonilla

Co-Founder of Digital Bonds

Russell Hoy

Solutions Architect at Rangle.io